Paper Types

Bond paper
Uncoated paper suited for letterheads and other types of business stationery

Box board
A type of board specifically designed for packaging applications.

Carbonless (NCR) paper
Paper coated with chemicals, either top, bottom or both sides, that enable transfer of writing or typing from one sheet to another through the application of pressure.

Cast-coated paper
Coated paper with a very high gloss finish.

Coated paper
Paper that is manufactured with a coating on one or both sides giving a smooth, shiny finish. It may be single, double or triple coated with more layers of coating generally resulting in a better quality. Coated papers may be gloss, silk (sometimes referred to as satin) or matt in finish. Matt and silk papers tend to be bulkier than gloss.

Copier paper
Paper intended for use with office-type printers and copiers.

Inkjet compatible paper
Paper suitable for use with modern inkjet printers.

Laser guaranteed paper
Uncoated paper suitable for letterheads etc and guaranteed for use with modern laser printers.

Metallic or pearlescent papers
These are papers manufactured to have a ‘sparkling’ or shiny appearance on one side or both. They are popular for items such as invitations and greetings cards.

A type of solid, uncoated board that usually has good bulk and is suitable for a range of uses.

Recycled paper
Paper that has been produced via a process of recycling used paper and card. It may be 100% recycled or contain a proportion of recycled pulp.

Self-adhesive paper
Self-adhesive papers are available with a range of finishes and can be permanent or removable, opaque or transparent. The backing paper is either solid or scored for easy removal.

Textured paper
Paper that has been embossed with a texture to give it a tactile look and feel. Usually, but not exclusively, uncoated papers.

Tinted paper
Usually uncoated paper that is available in a range of pastel or deeper colours.

Uncoated paper
Paper that has not been coated. Uncoated papers are usually more suitable for documents which will be written on, and are often whiter in shade than coated papers.